New work in Different Dimensions RQAS 4-22 Feb 2021

Beautiful Objects – Waxed Paper Bowls/Postcards

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Creating Beautiful Objects in Paper and Wax

6–7 March, 2021A weekend workshop at the Impress Printmakers Studio & Gallery134 Kedron Park Rd, Wooloowin QLD

Cost: $270 / members $250Materials Cost $25Workshop Code: JLPB2021

Make gorgeous paper and waxed bowls from a variety of papers – torn, patterned, textured, plain, printed and hand drawn.

​Up cycle old prints into these beautiful objects.

Bird Dreams

Postcard grid

Flight Path 2017

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FLIGHT PATH – 5th-28th May 2017 at The Old Friary 139 Brookfield Road, Kenmore Hills, 4069

Exhibition of new and recent works inspired by stories from my father. Themes of freedom and its loss were explored in a series of 2D and 3D works, that included watercolours, etchings, mixed media and rice paper bowls. Images of bird and cage, journey and escape were incorporated in layered narratives that sought to evoke emotion, memory and imagination in the viewer.


Postcard-Flight 22

Red Rock

Awash with Dreams

Shifting Sand

O What a Tangled Web

Postcard-Flight 12

Landfall 4

On Distant Shores

Postcard-Flight 19

Landfall 3

Empty Nesters

Postcard-Flight 8

Rice paper and wax bowls

Poles Apart

Flight 2016

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Bosz Gallery Doggett Street Fortitude Valley

25 Oct – 12 Nov 2016

In a series of 2D and 3D works, that include paintings, etchings, collage and rice paper bowls,  stories of war and the refugee crisis are explored through images of bird and cage, journey and escape in layered narratives

Featherweight-mixed media on ply 30x30cm SOLD

Lookout – mixed media on ply SOLD

Mixed Reception – watercolour on arches aquarelle paper SOLD

Aground – solvent transfer, watercolour on paper

Sea of Feathers – solvent transfer and ink on paper SOLD

Postcard-Flight 5 – mixed media and wax SOLD

Postcard-Flight 20 – mixed media and wax  SOLD


Postcard-Flight 21 – mixed media and wax  SOLD


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Chrysalis 1

Chrysalis 2

Chrysalis 3

Studio Dynamics

_scape Exhibition

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A group exhibition by The Collective.
Metcalfe Gallery, Brisbane Institute of Art, Windsor

30 Oct – 11 Nov 2015

A visual response to the poetry of Angela Gardner.

What price heroic death

The End of a Grey Day

Look what the tide brought in

Lady in Boat 1

Tattooed Ladies

Mixed media objects

Mixed Media

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Bird Dreams

Detail of Memory Quilt 1

Detail of Memory Quilt 1

Detail of Memory Quilt 1

Threads 1 & 2

2 Rice paper & wax bowls
Large-‘Between Earth & Sky’ 2018
Small – ‘Split’ 2017

Landfall 1,2,3

Left Behind

The 3 Marbles

I found a Green Shoot

Memory Quilt 1


We watched the World Flow By

While We waited 1


Postcard Flight Path 5

Postcard-Flight 7

Postcard-Flight 8

Postcard-Flight 10

Postcard-Flight 11

Postcard-Flight 12

Postcard-Flight 13

Postcard-Flight 15

Postcard-Flight 17

Postcard-Flight 19

Postcard-Flight 22

Mixed media (rice paper, etched & printed paper, acrylic, charcoal) on ply 30x30cm



Shifting Sand

Red Rock

Rocky Landing

Mixed media(etched and printed rice paper, canvas, oil, charcoal) on ply 20x20cm, 30x30cm, 40x40cm

Red Sun

Mountain View

Blue Bottle in Stoney Landscape

Summer Glow 2


Summer … Read More »

‘Gator in the Swamp

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‘Gator in the Swamp

A commission is an exciting prospect for an artist and not just in the monetary sense. It becomes the chance to communicate ideas back and forth between the client and artist and the task is to get a satisfactory outcome for both parties. The client has to be happy with the result, after all it’s their money at stake and the artist must satisfy not only the brief but not compromise themselves artistically as well.

My latest commission has been a large(4.5metre) mural that depicts an everglades/swamp for a New Orlean’s themed bar.

Last night was the opening and got to see the mural up and hanging. I’m pretty sure it went down well with the clients and the patrons.

It definitely gave you the feeling of being right there on the edge of the swamp and I … Read More »

A New Year and new work

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Etchings & objets trouves

A new year and some new etchings created down at Guyra. This is fly fishing territory and the creek and bush shows all the signs of massive flooding. Tangled timber and branches, debris and rocks, decaying bones and detritus. All grist for the enthusiastic etcher! The fly fisherman caught a fish as well!

Can’t wait to get them printed and had hoped to get them done during an etching workshop in the holidays. Unfortunately it was cancelled much to my disappointment.

Still there is next week….



Winner of etching..

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Congratulations to Jacky Lowry of Conondale who was the lucky winner of an original etching ‘Towards the Light’ signed and dated by Jennifer Long!

Light from Above

The competition ran during my TRACES Exhibition and to be eligible you had to take a photo of yourself in front of a favourite painting in the exhibition and post it on Facebook.

Studio Sale hots up..

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Something to suit everyone.

Where the Dead Leaf Fell

Finally relaxing

An oldie but a goldie.

A mixed bunch.

A change of paintings on the wall.

Despite the heat and there was certainly a lot of it today the Studio Sale attracted quite a bit of attention and there were sales. Whoopee! Lovely to catch up with friends though and just relax and share a glass(or two) of champagne. Jess you were a trooper helping with the preparations and D did his share as well thankyou both.

Let’s hope the temperature is a little kinder tomorrow. It makes for more comfortable art viewing if the weather cools down a bit.

The house and studio are looking quite different with a change of artworks on the walls. Some of them might become permanent fixtures!