New work in Different Dimensions RQAS 4-22 Feb 2021

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Studio Sale hots up..

Posted on December 2nd, by Jennifer in Blog. Comments Off on Studio Sale hots up..

Something to suit everyone.

Where the Dead Leaf Fell

Finally relaxing

An oldie but a goldie.

A mixed bunch.

A change of paintings on the wall.

Despite the heat and there was certainly a lot of it today the Studio Sale attracted quite a bit of attention and there were sales. Whoopee! Lovely to catch up with friends though and just relax and share a glass(or two) of champagne. Jess you were a trooper helping with the preparations and D did his share as well thankyou both.

Let’s hope the temperature is a little kinder tomorrow. It makes for more comfortable art viewing if the weather cools down a bit.

The house and studio are looking quite different with a change of artworks on the walls. Some of them might become permanent fixtures!