New work in Different Dimensions RQAS 4-22 Feb 2021


Mixed Media

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Bird Dreams

Detail of Memory Quilt 1

Detail of Memory Quilt 1

Detail of Memory Quilt 1

Threads 1 & 2

2 Rice paper & wax bowls
Large-‘Between Earth & Sky’ 2018
Small – ‘Split’ 2017

Landfall 1,2,3

Left Behind

The 3 Marbles

I found a Green Shoot

Memory Quilt 1


We watched the World Flow By

While We waited 1


Postcard Flight Path 5

Postcard-Flight 7

Postcard-Flight 8

Postcard-Flight 10

Postcard-Flight 11

Postcard-Flight 12

Postcard-Flight 13

Postcard-Flight 15

Postcard-Flight 17

Postcard-Flight 19

Postcard-Flight 22

Mixed media (rice paper, etched & printed paper, acrylic, charcoal) on ply 30x30cm



Shifting Sand

Red Rock

Rocky Landing

Mixed media(etched and printed rice paper, canvas, oil, charcoal) on ply 20x20cm, 30x30cm, 40x40cm

Red Sun

Mountain View

Blue Bottle in Stoney Landscape

Summer Glow 2


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