New work in Different Dimensions RQAS 4-22 Feb 2021



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Chrysalis 1

Chrysalis 2

Chrysalis 3

Studio Dynamics

Why original art makes good Christmas gifts!

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Cut Out 2(Triptych)

I’ve been working my way through my studio-chaos everywhere! But slowly there are signs of order. A bit of culling and sorting. Time to clean the art rack and make room for the new…

Studio Sale this weekend and hopefully a chance to move some of the art onto better homes.

Great chance to choose some original Christmas gifts. Prices are going to be ridiculous!!

A good way to avoid the Christmas rush in those labyrinth of shopping centres. Take your time browsing in my studio and home without that annoying musak blaring, those sterile tiled surfaces, the hurried, frenzied faces of last minute shoppers!

I’ve always loved the thought of original art as a Christmas gift. Specially chosen gifts-maybe a painting always admired and now finally affordable. What about an etching-always loved that black and white look in art. Now also … Read More »

The focus is fragments. Studio holds the key. Fragments galore.

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Studio Image with fragments of objects used in my art.

A slightly neater version of a section of my studio. Shelves are a little more overcrowded now.These shelves house many objects and fragments from bones, worn shells, stones, glass, pottery shards, drift wood. Anything that gives me a clue to starting an art work.
The photograph of me in the studio was taken by a marvellous photographer Elizabeth Ginn who took a series of images of artists in their studios.
The painting is a triptych ‘Where the Dead Leaf Fell’ and is my interpretation of our liquid amber tree in autumn.


Artist uncovers the beauty in debris

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Artist Jennifer Long in her Brisbane Studio. Photo: Harrison Saragossi

THOSE who went through them need no reminder of the devastating 2011 Queensland floods. But a Brisbane visual artist has found the beauty among the destruction, finding a way to honour the event through art.

In her latest exhibition, Traces, Jennifer Long has used pieces of debris from the floods within some of her artwork, using a range of media to provide ”a way of translating and understanding, perhaps honouring events, both personal and far removed”.

”Basically it is looking for marks and meanings about floods and disasters,” Long said. ”I used the fragments in my art. It is looking for memory traces, physical traces … verbal traces are what started me off on the exhibition, just phrases and words, it started with verbal traces.”

Those verbal traces from news reports and personal stories are explained … Read More »